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Client Reflections

Erica was there for me following the sudden death of my father in 2012. My father lived with me, my husband and our two dogs.  I was very close to my Dad and heartbroken at losing him, which was made harder as a member of my household was no longer there with reminders everywhere. 

Erica has experienced the unimaginable loss of her son and the death of her own beloved father.  She knows grief so personally and has such empathy with another’s loss that she feels it herself and is such a comfort.  She is an example of someone who has lived through devastating loss and is a happy person with a full life now, never forgetting but living with her loss and using it to help others.

A year after my father’s death, my husband suffered a massive stroke that left him severely brain damaged and paralyzed on one side.  This devastating loss left me literally unable to function and led to the complete loss of life as I knew it.  In the next two years, both of my dogs died, I lost my job and was forced to sell my house and move off-Cape, two hours away from my husband. I literally could not have survived this period of my life without Erica’s support and grief coaching.  She has personal experience with the loss of a beloved person while that person is still alive.  She knows the anguish and grief felt is as real as if the person had died.  She knows the continuing heartbreak of living with this and fearing the physical death of this much loved person as this would truly be the second death of the same person.  If anyone can help you with loss like this it is Erica.

Two years ago, I had my own terrifying, life threatening illness and Erica was there for me. She taught me calming techniques through meditation and really listened to my fears.  I needed her understanding and her assurance that I would get through this. 

Erica’s ability to help me relax had a direct effect on my health.  My change in attitude and reduction of stress created an astounding positive change in my lab results.  This was the turning point for my health.  I highly recommend working with Erica for grief support and grief coaching.

Janis  - Belmont, MA

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