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Hi everyone, 
I'm Erica Sonnabend.

About: About

I want to take some time to let you know a bit about me.  Like you, I have experienced losses in my life that have affected me deeply. 


My losses left me wondering why I couldn’t get out of my own way and why true happiness was out of reach.  I thought it was because that’s how life goes when someone you love dies or when you’ve experienced divorce, job changes, childhood trauma, infant loss or one of the more than forty reasons why we grieve. 


I tried to accept the limits my unaddressed grief placed on my life and push through, but I desperately wanted more for myself.  I was hurting, frustrated and stuck.


So what changed for me?  After spending decades seeking help from many sources, I began studying grief, looking at how society handles grief and how I was dealing with my own pain.  That led me to The Grief Recovery Method®.  My relationship with my grief significantly changed when I took action and began participating in my emotional healing.


I discovered my pathway to healing from loss and that is what inspires me to guide others to do the same.  I passionately do this work in loving memory of my father, Stephen and my son, Elijah. 


I would be honored to help you discover your pathway.

More About Erica

Board Certified Coach, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist & Grief Educator

As a national Board Certified Coach (BCC), Erica partners with those who are ready to rebuild their lives after loss. Utilizing her extensive training from The Institute for Life Coach Training , Erica establishes a co-creative setting for clients to identify meaningful goals and priorities that facilitate their transition into a new way of living after death and non-death losses.

Certified by The Grief Recovery Institute, Erica also helps others to connect to their unresolved grief and the unexpressed emotions surrounding deep personal loss. Through individual support and group sessions utilizing the Grief Recovery Method or through community talks and on-line offerings, Erica creates a comforting and compassionate environment for healing to occur. 


Through Sonnabend Grief Support LLC, Erica's mission is to change the conversations we have about loss.  As a Grief Educator, Erica leads discussions on how we, as individuals and communities, define, acknowledge and communicate the pain we feel after loss.

"When I began working on my own unresolved grief, my passion to help others grew.  I want to help others experience the gift and the freedom of releasing the painful emotions connected to their losses.  I compassionately hold a space for my clients as they learn how to honor their emotional truth and discover their unique pathway to recovery from grief.”


In her spare time, Erica loves to travel with her husband, spend time with her three girls, listen to music, meditate and read at the beach.  The sweet memory of her son, Elijah Stephen, is with her in all she does.

White Branch
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